Deploying on Cloud, SSD vs HDD?

From our Slack community:

Hey team, general architecture question: when deploying questdb on cloud is there a general guideline on the performance hit when considering ssd vs hdd storage? I understand that both read and write will be noticeably different between the ssd vs hdd, which I know is important for a db but I’m curious if the penalty is severe. There is obviously a huge cost consideration when deciding between the two but I guess maybe the more concise way of asking this is what is the standard enterprise architecture? Is it more common to save cost and go hdd because performance is not bad or is ssd more common because read and write is too important?


If you are using the standard cloud providers, then you can use block storage like gp3. Else SSD all the way.I wouldn’t recommend HDD for normal workloads, only for cold storage. It works though. :slight_smile:

We’ve also recently updated the storage & filesystem section of the capacity planning guide. Check it out: Capacity planning | QuestDB

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